Q: Can my Akashic Guides offer any insight upon my spiritual journey?

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides


Questions about your spiritual journey? The best place for answers is your Akashic Records.

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

I’m seeking advice from my guides about my spiritual journey. Am I on track? What do I need to tweak? What else can they share with me?


Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

We say you are a wise person for seeking assistance with that which you desire. Being open to messages and signs from your team is a powerful tool that will carry you far on your journey.

When you are unsure, rinse and repeat. Always we stand by ready to give assistance. Watch for answers in your daily life. Listen to that feeling in your gut. Follow your internal guidance system. You will know you are on the right path because it will feel so good. If it does not… well then you have your answer. Time to course correct.

You have everything you need to find success. Believe in yourself. Take your time — no need to rush. Allow events to unfold as they will. Take advantage of opportunities that arise. You see? It’s really a simple recipe. You already possess everything you need, plus with our help how can you NOT succeed? Now go out there and get it done! We’ll be here waiting should you have more questions. Peace and love.

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When you have questions about your spiritual journey the very best place to go for guidance is your Akashic team. They know you better than you know yourself. Their guidance is always timely and immediately actionable. When you think about it from that perspective, why would you go anywhere else?

I hope this gives you a better idea of how you might avail yourself of The Akashic Records. Watch for more posts in this series to expand your understanding and awareness of The Akasha. Please comment below to let me know if it has been helpful or if you have questions. Who knows, your question might just show up in a future post. 😉


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