Hope Like God Is Eternal

Environmentalists take heart. This message, channeled from the Akashic Records, affirms humans will not be allowed to destroy the earth. That doesn’t mean we give up our efforts to protect and care for her, but we can heave a deep sign of relief knowing that she is protected by the same Creator that oversees all.


April 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine


An Akashic Journey

Often there are doors at the entrance to the Akashic Records. For this adventure they present as heavy, golden doors with a burnished finish. They appear solid and sturdy, like doors that have stood, and will stand, the test of all time.

Directly inside lies a jungle with screeching birds and monkeys chattering to one another.

There are vines, trees and greenery.

The sun shines down brightly upon the entire scene which includes mammoth old, solid trees, cockatiels, toucans, and birds of paradise flowers among the greenery. Soft moss cushions the ground under my feet.

It looks so much like a scene from a Tarzan movie that I expect to see him come swinging in on a vine.

I can smell water nearby and hear splashing of water buffalo… or crocodiles? Something large anyway.

Suddenly there comes a ground-shaking stomping…

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