Gabriel and The Oracle

One interesting journey through the Akashic Records:

archangel gabriel oracle akashic records

The Excursion Begins

At the entrance to the Records on this day stand massive white glowing doors.

They open slowly allowing a brilliant, white/gold light to spill out. There’s a sacred feeling about this particular archive as if it’s an entrance to the heavenly realm.

The floor is polished marble, which effortlessly carries the echo of my footsteps down the long corridor.

The next thing I notice is the sound of running water in the distance.

Moving further along the corridor, the source of the sound is revealed to be a decorative waterfall. It’s artfully built right into the wall. Impressive!

The sound of falling water creates a tranquil, exquisitely peaceful atmosphere with an hypnotic quality. It subtly alters the energy creating a feeling of walking on air. I’m now effortlessly floating onward through the archive.

A short distance later I encounter Archangel Gabriel who is to be the guide on this trip. He smiles and wordlessly beckons me forward. Together we travel deeper into the records. No clue yet what we’re looking for or where we’re headed, but obviously Gabriel has a plan.

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