Women In Public Speaking Podcast With Chantal Bossé

women in public speaking

What if a speech was just a conversation?

That’s just one of the topics Chantal Bossé and I discussed on this episode of her WIPS Podcast.

We all have stories to tell, but not necessarily the experience or confidence to step out of the shadows and open our mouths — let alone climb up on a stage and speak.

However, please consider that there are people who need to hear your story. They may be in a very similar situation and your sharing could be the catalyst which helps them transform their own lives. Imagine how satisfying that could be? Simply by sharing you have the ability to create some mighty big ripples in the pond. I don’t know about you, but that sure feeds my soul and that’s what I’m passionate about, helping people find what feeds their soul.

Years ago I could never have imagined myself choosing to stand before an audience and share my story, but today that’s exactly what I do. It’s incredibly humbling when people say that your story inspired them to take new action that changed their life. That’s the power of words my friends.

Like many people there was a time when speaking caused my voice to shake and my knees to knock. That all changed when I had the epiphany that a speech wasn’t so very different from a conversation I might have with a group of friends. Speaking just usually involves a bigger group. That changed everything for me and maybe it will for you as well.

Listen in as Chantal and I discuss this and more. Then afterwards explore her site. She has a treasure trove of conversations with empowered women who are eager to share their wisdom so that you might stand on their shoulders as you reach for more.

To your success!

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