Paint Yourself Into The Picture

Battling Outdated Self Image Issues

Recently I spent some time with my friend, Reba Linker, who graciously invited me to be a guest on her show “Paint Yourself Into The Picture.” We had a lively, fun, conversation about The Akashic Records.

During that time I was processing a huge epiphany. Although it’s highly personal, I decided to share it with you, because I know there are a great many people who will relate.

Like many women, I’ve battled self esteem and body image issues most of my life. As a result, I hated having my picture taken, so I made sure to be the one behind the camera as often as possible.

That has all gradually changed over the past couple years, thanks in large part to my work in The Akashic Records. These issues are so prevalent with the women of today that’s it’s practically an epidemic.

Over and over I’ve brought messages for others about how magnificent and perfect they are. As I channeled those messages, they were impacting me.

The Akashic Guides get their information straight from the top, who’s going to argue with them?!

Truth is truth. With each successive message, my self image was shifting.

Enter The Mentor

In perfect divine timing, at the same time this shifting was happening, I was encouraged to make videos by my fabulous mentor, Katya McEwen. With her encouragement, I discovered it was actually kind of fun. She gave me permission to just show up as myself. Makeup, no makeup, it didn’t matter.

What mattered was the message. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know I’m all about bringing you messages of empowerment. That’s more important than what I look like on any particular day!

Take a look at the video above. OMG, these videos are great at capturing the worst thumbnail! There was a day when I wouldn’t have posted this video because of it, but I’m over that now. This conversation is powerful and the thumbnail — inconsequential. That’s how far I’ve come. Thank you Katya. 💜

The Fullness of My Epiphany

This epiphany didn’t happen all at once. It kind of snuck up on me. One day the ridiculousness of hiding from the camera came fully into focus. After all, I went out in public frequently looking like myself. People saw me on good, and bad, hair days, in barn clothes and dressed up. If I was ok being seen as “myself” in all of those situations, what was so different about being on video or having my picture taken?

The full realization that I was missing from a big portion of my life hit me like a ton of bricks.

So many photos of family get togethers and special occasions that I was missing from. I had effectively made myself invisible.

That realization is particularly poignant at this time because I’m creating new memories with my young granddaughter. One day when I’m no longer here, I want her to have a visible record to go with the memories. I know that will be important to her because it was for me with my beloved grandmother.

Since that epiphany I’ve made friends with the camera. I’m happy to be in front of it.

I’ve painted myself back into the picture.

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