Paint Yourself Into The Picture

Battling Outdated Self Image Issues Recently I spent some time with my friend, Reba Linker, who graciously invited me to be a guest on her show “Paint Yourself Into The Picture.” We had a lively, fun, conversation about The Akashic Records. During that time I was processing a huge epiphany. Although it’s highly personal, I … Read more

Day 7 Video Challenge — Lifestyle

Lifestyle is too expansive to fit in a box Offer from Video The Blue Vortex of Healing Video Script How would you describe your lifestyle? Can you describe it? When I thought about this topic I realized that lifestyle doesn’t really fit into a neat box. There are as many variations as there are human beings … Read more

The Blue Vortex of Healing

We all have wounds, be they old slights, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or betrayal. No matter the reason, if your heart aches you just want it to stop. Often times these heartaches turn into patterns that repeat over and over. We can become trapped in an endless cycle of ever deepening heartache, disappointment, and emotional pain. … Read more