1Million Meditators Unite To Heal The Planet

Have you heard of the 1Million Meditators? I had somehow missed it until my dear friend, Marisa Ferrera, brought it to my attention. As it turned out, Marisa was the catalyst that kicked off an amazing sequence of events which are chronicled in The Magic Happens Now magazine. So many synchronicities. Maybe you call them God … Read more

Well-Being Attunement Meditation

A free gift to you from the Akashic Realm   A transfer of energetic healing directly from the Akashic Realm, intended to heighten your awareness and experience. It will permeate every cell in your body, leaving you calm and at peace, basking in ultimate well being. A truly amazing, deliciously wondrous, experience, and I am … Read more

The Blue Vortex of Healing

We all have wounds, be they old slights, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or betrayal. No matter the reason, if your heart aches you just want it to stop. Often times these heartaches turn into patterns that repeat over and over. We can become trapped in an endless cycle of ever deepening heartache, disappointment, and emotional pain. … Read more

Yes you can heal your grieving heart

The Law of Attraction really does work in predictable ways. I was vividly reminded of that this week. For some time I have been working on my Teleseminar of Love — Reconnecting with Mom, which means I was focusing a lot of energy on it. Because of that I have been noticing lots of people … Read more

Akashic Style Well Being

This one’s for you Akashic Friends! It was a normal day like any other, or so I thought… I entered the great room of the Archive and was greeted by my guide who immediately whisked me off down a hallway of wood paneled walls. At the end a stunningly, bright light shone through the glass-paned … Read more