Akashic Style Well Being

This one’s for you Akashic Friends!

It was a normal day like any other, or so I thought…

I entered the great room of the Archive and was greeted by my guide who immediately whisked me off down a hallway of wood paneled walls. At the end a stunningly, bright light shone through the glass-paned top of a door. As we got closer the light grew brighter until it was nearly blinding in its brilliance.

We stopped at the door and I was directed to enter. Inside I saw the source of the brilliant light: a giant capiz shell lotus blossom at the center of the room. The light was beaming up and out of the blossom. It was a pure, warm, energetic light. A movement near the floor caught my eye. I looked down and noticed tiny fairies dancing in a circle around the blossom. They were chanting and singing — some sort of ritual. Their outfits were the colors of the rainbow.

Akashic Record Giant Lotus Blossom
Something like this just larger and brighter.

“We call upon the Keepers of the Light to come forth and bless us with your presence,” they chanted. This was repeated over and over in a singsong rhythm. The fairies looked mesmerized by the energy which was nuclear-level power.

Bursts of light came shooting out of the lotus, like a fireworks display, except these bursts were the Keepers of the Light coming forth. They each in turn stopped in mid air, hovering a few feet above the floor, waiting for the others to arrive. When the bursts ended there was a small army of Keepers hovering around and above the lotus. They were glowing orbs and their collective shape appeared like a net over and around the lotus, which was now pulsing with energetic light.

From amidst the Keepers one orb came forward, expanding as it moved closer to me. When she was just a few feet away she stood just slightly taller than me. She had the shape of a person but with a glowing gold/white aura. I could just barely distinguish her face through the glow. Her eyes glittered like gold nuggets. She emanated positive energy.

The Keeper held out a hand toward me and her energetic aura expanded to totally encompass me and my aura. What a rush of energy! I could feel my nerve endings tingling, nearly snapping and crackling with electric energy. I felt more alive, more acutely aware of everything. Adrenaline was surging, it was like being on high alert. Every fiber of my being more alive than it had ever been. It struck me that was is like getting a battery recharged. This generous Keeper was sharing her magnificent energetic power with me, freely and gladly, to enhance my awareness and experience. I was filled with a feeling of being loved and cherished.

I felt a whoosh and the Keeper dimmed slightly. She had given all she had to spare at that time. The energy transfer was complete. I was literally buzzing. My senses tingling. She smiled and blew me a kiss. Then, as if of one mind, all of the orbs moved back into the lotus until they were gone from sight and there was once again just the lotus blossom with its brilliant glow.

The circle of fairies were scattered over the ground. Exhausted from their ritual they collapsed and were breathing heavily. The lotus made a sound like a loud exhale and a burst of tiny energy balls flew out and made their way down to the fairies, lighting them up and restoring their vitality.

As I surveyed the scene this truth was conveyed to me: “This lotus is a never-ending source of love and light. It cannot be extinguished and is always available to recharge your batteries whenever needed. It is an oasis in the storm, a well that will never run dry and is eternally available for you to drink from.” I was filled with love and gratitude for the life-giving energy that was shared with me through the Keepers. This is Source energy.

Then I heard the words “May you be imbued with Peace, love and light today and for all of your tomorrows.”

Akashic Well Being

With that final blessing from Source I sent my love and gratitude and went back through the door, down the hallway and back to the great room. I felt so light, as if I could float, even gravity had respectfully taken a step back from its incessant pull. My senses were heightened, my brain felt so clear and thoughts flowed effortlessly as if anything I desired to know could simply and easily be retrieved. The file drawers were lubed and the drawers opened with a whispered thought. It was as if the chambers of my brain were made of silk and there was no friction to impede my efforts to focus. My vision was sharper, all of my senses heightened, yet I felt totally calm and at peace. Everything was easy. No struggle. I could just float and bask in ultimate well being.


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  1. This is so beautiful and thank you so much for reminding me of the Fairies and the Lotus within, what a Blessing for this time. Very much appreciated Debbra!


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