What your Akashic guides want you to know…

swimming upstream without akashic records

Channeled Akashic Record Message

You will be astonished at just how well you are known and understood in your records. Things you would never imagine about yourself. Your hidden talents may emerge. Thoughts, plans, ideas, that have flashed across your mind come to life. Those intuitive nudges you’ve been getting? That was us, your dedicated team sending you inspiration. We’d love it if you took the time to pay attention now and then. You might just discover what an incredible specimen you are. We’ve been whispering in your ear, drawing you towards your purpose. You’ve been mighty stubborn, for sure, but we are eternal and patience is our virtue. We know that if we don’t get your attention today that we just may tomorrow. Time is limitless. We’re not going anywhere; but you might just go places once you decide to open your mind and senses to our guidance. Why would you choose to make things so hard on yourself? For pity’s sake let us help. We’ve always got your back and would never steer you wrong. So when you’re all finished fighting to swim upstream, turn yourself around and float downstream.

Upstream is the past, let it go. Open your eyes and look to the future. Much joy, success, love and abundance await you if you will only allow it to be. Come on down, the water’s fine, (said with a grin). Sure there will be a few boulders here and there, but you can easily go around them. The largest you can just stand up and climb over. Easy peasey, no worries. We’ve got your back — always.

Those cold, dark, nights when you can’t sleep? Relax and open yourself up to the possibilities we have spread before you. It’s practically a banquet of opportunities waiting for you to choose from. There is not just one way to arrive at your destiny, there are many ways. We say pick the one that brings you the most joy and satisfaction. Life isn’t supposed to be so painful or difficult. When you run into a roadblock that is a sure sign that you need a course correction. Look and listen for the signs from your guides. They are practically doing handstands to get your attention and help you get back on track.

It is painful for us to watch you flailing about in despair, thinking so little of yourself. Don’t you realize what a magnificent creation you are?! You have unlimited potential just waiting to be tapped. We say pull out the cork and let’s get going! Time to chart a new course! Time to find your bliss! Time to expand your reality into the wondrous, magical, life that you intended to live when your soul chose this body!

Will you step up and say yes to your destiny? Will you allow your soul to expand and flourish as it was meant to? Say yes to yourself! Say yes to a bright and fulfilling future. To you! (said with a toasting gesture)

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