Akashic Adventure

This message, filled with amazing visuals, was quite a trip, which as usual was tied into a neat package with a wonderful message. So delicious I just had to share. Please join me on this trip through the Akasha in all its wacky wonderfulness. Comments please. I’d love to hear how/if it resonates in your life.


The adventure begins:

Pink/gray swirls that become mauve. Like a pot of paint being mixed. Creamy, dreamy. Sweet. Frosting. Diving into this soft, swirling mass. “Swimming” through it wearing scuba gear because it’s too dense to breathe. Elbowing my way through the thick swirling goo. Light up ahead. (Like the bright star in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” just barely visible.) But I see it as drawn with rough outlined strokes.

Akashic Adventure: Van Gogh Starry Night, Edvard Munch The Scream, Tim Burton Nightmare Before ChristmasNow coming to the surface in the painting. (Weirdly it looks like a cross between “Starry Night” and Munch’s “The Scream.”) It is all frozen in time/place but I am animated and able to walk through the landscape. From this perspective it reminds me of those old films of moon walks. Something about the way it is depicted is lunar. My Scuba Gear could be space gear. I am like the astronaut in Dr. Who that emerged from the lake, my identity obscured by the helmet. As I walk along, the landscape changes so that it now more closely resembles Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas.” Stark, individual, sad-looking flowers here and there. I bend to pick one and am now in the visage of the skeleton. I look around to see if anyone is watching. It seems wrong to have picked this flower when there are so few of them brave enough to grow in this place.

Something startles me and I scream, drop the flower and take off running. I am holding my skeleton head (to keep it from falling off? losing my head?) as I run.

Blackness all around. It is deep into the night. No moon or stars in sight. But now I once again see the barely visible light in the sky. The light is faint and I cannot yet make out its source. It just hangs there in the sky, wispy and fragile looking. I am once more back in the painting. But this time it has the feel of the American Southwest. Desert, distant mountain ranges, cacti, tumbleweeds, scrub brush. Unfriendly environment to those who are uneducated in ways of survival. Yet bustling with life and possibility to the informed eye. Prickly and challenging environment to be sure but also generous and life giving if one has the eyes to see. This causes me to wonder what else has been hidden from us. What magical, mysterious wonderfulness exists around us that we only glimpse out of the corner of our eye. Like it exists in a parallel dimension and we only occasionally come close to a thin spot where we catch a glimpse of what lies beyond. What lost opportunities because we didn’t have eyes that could see what was right in front of us.

“Regret? Naturally, but do not get mired in that emotion as it is a total waste of time. When it crops up recognize it for what it is, a tap on the shoulder to reexamine the missed opportunity and grab that brass ring as it IS coming around again. There will be other chances, all is not lost. But first must come awareness. That is presuming you want to be awakened. You could also choose to live your life in a slumbering state, peacefully oblivious to the wonders that await just around the corner of your awareness. That is also a choice. It is the difference between living life in color or in black and white. Do you want to live a muted existence or one of glorious, blazing, vibrant color? From our perspective there is only one choice, otherwise why bother. But we realize you may see it differently. We will not judge, just support and wait for the day that you are ready to make the more expansive choice. There is time. There is always time. It is an abundant resource, one that is daily replenished. Infinite really. But we digress. You are wanting to know how these musings are relevant to you in the here and now.”

“We say it would be in your highest and best interests to stop living an unconscious existence. It is time to awaken like the slumbering child who has taken a long nap. Open your eyes. Pause and really see the truth that is all around you. Even the pores in your skin are crying out for you to awaken and see that which is so truly evident. Do not just look, SEE! See with eyes that are newly awakened. See as if for the very first time. Examine every minute detail. You will marvel at the discovery of so much that has gone unnoticed heretofore. With your new eyes you will see the gloriousness of your world. Possibilities will enter your consciousness one after the other like flowers suddenly popping up through the earth, precious and filled with promise. Each petal brimming with possibility. Best of all, free for the taking. They are yours. Gifts to you from the Universe. You may use them in whatever way you choose but we urge you to choose wisely as that is the way to further increase your expanded awareness. Each step you take upon this new path leads to even more wonderful opportunities. It is a veritable garden of abundance. Delicious and inviting and YOURS! Breathe in the intoxicating aroma, savor the taste and feel their texture as you pluck them up for your enrichment. All of this lies before you. Can you see it now? Even just a glimpse of it? Open your eyes dear one your time is now! We so look forward to your expansive journey and relish our role as your tour guides. Let us begin. Yes?”

A feeling of peace and completion washes over me. The message has concluded.

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