A Tripod of Archangels in the Akashic Realm

A recent visit to the Akasha became an intriguing visit with some Archangels. I hope that you will find it as fun and fascinating as I. Enjoy!

Akashic Record Wisdom

The Akashic Adventure Begins

Rainbows and colored marshmallows, soft and springy sensation. Light and airy. NO resistance in this place. I can jump from marshmallow to marshmallow like leaping across lily pads and spring into the air with the greatest of ease (I don’t even have a flying trapeze). I can do somersaults and flips! It is a revelation to be this light and carefree. A trio of angels descend to meet me.

Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. They stand patiently waiting for me to finish with my marshmallow play. I bounce over and land right in front of them beaming with the joy of such freedom. They look quite serious which surprises me. I fully expected they would reflect my current emotional state. Not so. Instead they unceremoniously take my arm and direct me away from the playground to a space more conducive to a discussion. Looks like one of those large pavilion style, covered picnic areas at parks.

I am a little out of breath from the exertion and they wait for me to regain my composure. My so serious. I am brimming with curiosity to learn what they have to say.

Gabriel begins: “The time for play has passed. Time to get back on track and attend to the business of the day.”

“But you are always telling me to get in touch with my inner child,” I protest.

“True,” he replies, “but there is a time and place and now is not the time. We have important matters to discuss. It has come to my attention that you have requested an upgrade.”

“I have?” I ask in surprise.

“Yes, you have. You have requested channeled material for general purpose sharing and promotion rather than messages intended for your personal enrichment. That is not a criticism. We are pleased that you are taking your role seriously. So let us see about composing a larger message that will suit your purposes. Brother, you begin,” he says to Uriel.

Uriel nods and  then speaks: “Frivolity has its place as long as one keeps it in proportion and balance with the parts of life that are necessary, some would say tedious, even. Balance in all things must be your goal lest you overturn your vessel. Your path is not as rigid as that of a locomotive that must run upon designated tracks, but neither is it as free as a speed boat (or water bug even)  that zips hither and yonder across the water with no clear direction in mind. There is a purpose and a plan and you will find more success if you travel on or near your intended path. When you stray far, you become distracted and lose your way making it more difficult to get back on your track. You lose precious time and focus which you must then struggle to regain. You make it much harder on yourself than it need be. Small jaunts from the path occasionally are perfectly fine and will even do you good, like a little vacation. But when you get totally off your track you risk being totally derailed and losing your way. Your chosen path is expansive enough to fulfill all of your desires, so truly there is no need to wander far away. You will know when you have left your path because your journey will become more of a struggle. Deep down you will feel lost and confused. You will look around and have no idea which direction to travel. At times like that it is normal to be afraid and you may even feel abandoned. But let me make this perfectly clear, it is you that have abandoned us, not the other way around. We will always be on standby waiting for you to once more get back on track. When you do we will pick up right where we left off and your journey will continue. So do you see that it is so much better to just stay on the path to begin with?”

“Yes, that makes sense. But what if I’m a person who has no idea what the path is or how to find it?” I ask.

Uriel continues: “The truth is that you are all born knowing your path. Sometimes life circumstances cause a big detour, but if you will center yourself and allow our voices to come through we will guide you back. You are naturally drawn to your true path. It is magnetically attuned to your frequency and you will feel its pull if that is what you desire. Meditate, find times to listen for that inner guidance. It is always there humming along on auto pilot waiting for you to reengage. But you have to truly want it, otherwise you will find yourself swallowed up by the chaos of the world and you will have wasted the opportunity for soul growth. That is a choice you are free to make, but it is not in your best interests. You did know that at one time and you will come to know it again. There are certain intrinsic truths and that is one of them. Just know that no matter how lost you become it is an illusion. We are always here, on call 24/7 just waiting for your call. So make like a captain and “engage!” (said with authority in a Jean Luc Picard imitation)

“Thank you, Uriel. You have given me a lot to digest. Raphael you have been silent. Do you have anything to add?” I ask.

“I’m just here to lend weight to the message, babe. My bros pretty well covered everything. What they said.” Raphael replied.

“Do I surmise that because there are three of you delivering the message that there is more significance to be interpreted?” I inquired.

Raphael responds: “No flies on you. We knew you were a smart cookie. We are your support system. Like the tripod we are steady and reliable and you can lean on us secure in the knowledge that we will not let you down, literally or figuratively. We have your front, back and sides. From top to bottom we’ve got you covered. ‘Nuff said?”

I nod somewhat puzzled by his flip language. I feel like the channel wasn’t quite tuned properly for him to project in that way and yet maybe there is a reason? Might as well ask… “Raphael why are you speaking in such a flip way rather than your usual dignified manner?”

“Oh you noticed that did ya? Well I just thought that since my bros here were so dadgoned serious that I would toss a little levity into the mix,” he grinned at me.

“I understand, but I’ve got to tell you I don’t think it was the best strategy as it confused me.” I replied.

“Fair enough. I’ll take that into consideration for future reference. Thank ya ma’am.” He salutes me.

I have to chuckle at his brassy attitude. Never would have pegged him for a rebel type.

Akashic Record Wisdom

So there you have it friends. Wisdom and guidance from an Archangel tripod. I hope that it will serve you on your journey.



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  1. Delightfully inspiring, yes, a ‘little’ levity goes a long way, but can be distracting to our purpose here…and that should have our full focus. Having said that who can resist a little marshmallow bouncing! Thank you, lovely!


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