Day 7 Video Challenge — Lifestyle

Lifestyle is too expansive to fit in a box

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The Blue Vortex of Healing

Video Script

How would you describe your lifestyle? Can you describe it?

When I thought about this topic I realized that lifestyle doesn’t really fit into a neat box. There are as many variations as there are human beings on the planet. They are multifaceted and they evolve with us.

My lifestyle is a combination of family, rural, relaxed, connecting with the land, spiritual and most importantly horses. Without them my life is incomplete. I have loved them since I was a toddler. I love the smell of them, the feel of them, just being with them.

There’s something very spiritual about horses. Spending time with them is very healing. Just looking into their eyes touches my soul deeply.

My very special horse, Misty

This is my heart horse Scenic Mist, Misty for short. She stole my heart when I saw a picture of her on the internet. I’ve mentioned her before in previous videos. Together we’ve been on quite a journey.  In a world that can get pretty crazy she is my anchor. She keeps me sane.

Today we’re going to deal with all these burrs she picked up. She must have had quite a feast on the burdock leaves to pick up so many but that’s ok. Burdock is a medicinal plant and I don’t mind spending time removing them. She appreciates it and it’s great bonding time.

Occasionally when the horses get into some mischief my husband will ask “And you like horses why?” The answer never changes: mental health. It’s that simple. Spending just a few minutes with horses can lower your blood pressure, stress level, and put you into a deep state of relaxation. What’s not to love?

Any time I feel down I hang out with the horses for a while. It doesn’t take long before my spirits have lifted and I’m reenergized by their restorative powers.

Merlyn decides to join us

It wasn’t in the script, but Merlyn didn’t want to be left out. He hung out with us and tried to be very helpful by adjusting the camera angle.

Horses really are the best medicine

I’m so grateful that horses are a big piece of my lifestyle and I hope they always will be. Any time I feel down I spend time with my horses and allow them to heal me with their incredible energy. The best medicine in the world.

If you don’t have horses, but need healing

Please accept as my gift to you The Blue Vortex of Healing. It’s a meditation that has been energetically encoded to help you experience a powerful shift that will initiate healing. Please use it as often as you need with my blessing.

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