The Path to Transformation and Higher Consciousness

transformation Akashic Records
YOU are the powerful creator of your own reality

Living for others rather than oneself is not living authentically. You are the most important person in your world.

Only you have the power to make choices that are aligned with your greater purpose and that bring joy to your life.

Stop living for others — live for yourself.

That’s how you will step into your authenticity — fully and powerfully. That’s living as an empowered soul. That’s what you came to the planet to do and it’s beautiful and sacred.

Selfish or Selfless?

Are you thinking that sounds selfish?

I assure you it’s quite the opposite. It is the most selfless act. When you first take care of yourself, you become highly empowered to help others.

We’ve had it wrong for far too long. How can we effectively help others if we come from a place of weakness and depletion?

When you give until it hurts, there’s very little left to give. Choosing others rather than yourself is the way dreams are obliterated.

If you were to continue on in this way, you would find yourself so boxed in that your own dreams would cease to exist. You would be living at the pleasure of others, a virtual servant to their whims. That is not the life you intended for yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed? It will surely dissipate once you shrug off burdens that were never yours to carry. Then you’ll feel lightness and renewed optimism. Sweet!

As you become more highly conscious, the lie of self sacrifice in all its ugliness is exposed, while the glorious truth of self care becomes evident.

Stagnation is the energetic equivalent of quicksand

The feeling of stagnation is a direct result of choosing to stand in the path of chaos and negative energy.

Not making a choice to step forward powerfully on your own behalf is actually making a choice to do the opposite.

You’re literally choosing to remain stuck.

Don’t let fear halt your progress.

If you don’t know which choice is best, pick one. Flip a coin or go with your intuition, if you are able to hear it.

You’ll quickly know if it’s the wrong one, and if so, no big deal. Make another.

Remember the bread crumbs will always be there to guide you towards more empowered choices. If you miss them, fear not, there is an endless supply.

transformation higher consciousnessChaos & Negative Energy

Chaos is ever present. However, it’s your choice whether or not to participate.

When the distracting stream of chaos extends it spiky tendrils your way, simply move out of its path — avoid it. Refuse to participate in the onslaught of negative energy.

Will it be easy? Possibly not.

Will it be worth it? Decidely.

Movement is key to avoid getting sucked into a chasm of chaos.

Vigilantly watch for your bread crumbs sent to assist and guide you towards new opportunities and experiences.

The more you practice this form of self care, the more you will have to share with others. It will overflow and touch them in a profound way (without an energetic cost to you).

You are not responsible for the choices of others

It’s highly unwise to take responsibility for how your energy touches anyone else. Let each one own their experience (that’s part of their journey).

You put it out there. They choose what to do with it.  (Of course the reverse is true for you.)

Remember baby steps are always a good rule of thumb.

Transformation Higher Consciousness Akashic RecordsRome was not built in a day, neither will habits change in an instant. Set up reminders, meditate, and focus on your intention. Ask. Answers will be given.

Move forward confidently and expectantly.

Free of chaos you may delight in the pursuit of love, joy and peace.

Ahhh, doesn’t that feel so much better?  😍

Your contingency plan

During those times when you do give in to despair, recognize it as a signal that you need to identify and stop the outside distractions.

Meditation or quiet contemplation will help to reconnect with your higher self and “re-find” your center.

Bring your awareness back to your faithful guide team (who have been doing cartwheels and jumping jacks trying to get your attention).

When your focus is on others you cannot see what is before you.

Should you reach a space where no bread crumbs are in evidence: stop, wait, look, and listen. Shut out the distractions and ask for assistance.

When guidance comes, trust it and act upon it — quickly.

Many a time guidance is unheard or unused because you lack trust and doubt the source.

If you think you’ve received a message from your guides, you probably have. If it feels good, try it. You’ll soon find out whether you were mistaken.

Do this every time. Eventually you’ll find that you’ve tuned the channel so that messages come through loud and clear.

Would you like some help getting messages?

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

If that’s your reality and you’d like help to recognize and understand the messages from your Guide Team, it would be my pleasure to assist. Use this link for a Channeled Spirit Guide Reading where you will get crystal-clear clarity, allowing you to step confidently into your authenticity and power.



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